Fancy Coffee Becomes A Must-Have Office Perk

High street café culture means that staff expect barista-made lattes at work

A few months ago, Matlind Ruka was serving cappuccinos and flat whites in the café at Kenwood House, the 17th century former residence to the Earls of Mansfield. Today, he is an in-house barista making free coffee for fellow employees at Zava, an online medical platform.

While the office lacks the splendour of the north London neoclassical villa, there are some aspects of this job he particularly likes, such as getting to know his colleagues’ coffee tastes and the opportunity to educate a captive audience on roasts and blends. “Coffee is an art. We talk about the bean to the coffee cup,” he says.

Dedicated coffee-makers such as Mr Ruka are one example of the caffeinated offerings that some companies deploy to keep their employees productive, happy — and in the building. Goldman Sachs’s new City of London headquarters boasts a coffee bar on every floor, including one that serves single origin specialty coffee from the small chain Notes, and on level six, a “curation of the very best specialty coffee, from delicious mainstay espresso blends to regularly rotating single origin coffees”.

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